Law Firm Overview

Firm History

Aitkens & Aitkens, P.C. was founded in December of 1991 by Robert G. Aitkens and Teresa T. Aitkens. Robert had conducted an estate litigation, estate and trust administration, trust litigation and business practice since 1979, and Teresa (Terri) had conducted a personal injury, wrongful death, intentional tort and employment practice since 1985. We combined our practices and emphasize rendering top quality legal services in a friendly and honest environment. We have an experienced team and an efficient and careful staff. We represent individuals and businesses in Atlanta and state-wide in Georgia. We also represent out-of-state clients from throughout the United States who need Georgia legal counsel to handle trust and estate litigation and administration, breach of trust, will and trust disputes, probate issues, estate management, and other estate, trust and business claims.

Estates, Trusts, Wills and Probate Expertise

Many of our new clients contact our firm after a death in their family or upon the breach of a fiduciary duty by a personal representative, executor, administrator or trustee to effectively administer an estate or trust. Our firm represents wronged beneficiaries in both will contests and controversies arising out of the administration of trusts and estates. Issues of duress, undue influence, coercion, lack of capacity and mistake form the basis for many estate and trust related cases handled by our firm. We also handle both simple and complex probate and estate administration.

Our familiarity with estate administration and trust formation and administration on any scale also enables us to provide dependable representation to out-of-state clients who have an interest in a probate matter or trust administration case anywhere in the state of Georgia. We represent heirs, executors, administrators, trustees, and trust beneficiaries from all over the United States who need help with any aspect of Georgia probate, estate or trust administration and any related estate and trust litigation.

Wrongful Death and Personal Injury

Our firm has experience and success in handling claims for wrongful death and personal injury, including automobile accidents, premises and security related liability, and intentional and negligent torts. Generally, we represent the surviving family members in wrongful death cases and the injured parties in personal injury, premises liability and serious tort cases. We also have vast experience in representing children of a deceased parent, especially when the step parent has dominated the pursuit of the wrongful death case and failed to involve the children of the deceased.

Business Law and Litigation

In the business arena, we pursue and defend all kinds of business and contract cases, which often include partner disputes, shareholder disputes, contract breaches, fraud, misrepresentation and intentional business torts. Our firm is frequently involved in mediation, arbitration and litigation of business and commercial disputes. We have a broad mediation and trial practice in state and federal courts in Georgia and, on occasions, in our neighboring states. It is not uncommon for us to involve attorneys in other states in multi-state matters.

Discover Why Many Clients Refer Their Friends and Family to Us

We have an ongoing business relationship and represent numerous business entities and trustees in the greater Atlanta area. We have represented numerous executors, administrators, trustees, beneficiaries and claimants who both appreciate and are satisfied with our firm’s legal services. We would appreciate the opportunity to consult with you regarding your legal needs.

Our goal is to diligently and effectively represent our clients at a reasonable price. Lawyers in our firm render their services on an hourly basis and emphasize value to the client. Our firm also sometimes accepts contingency fee cases, where our firm receives a percentage of the recovery sought for the client.

Please feel free to contact us via telephone or online to discuss any legal needs you may have and a representative from Aitkens & Aitkens will be happy to help you.

For dependable advice about developing or reviewing your Georgia estate plan, discharging the duties of a personal representative or trustee, or resolving a business dispute in the Atlanta area, contact our estate planning and business lawyers.

Our attorneys are also seasoned litigators in the probate court, state court, superior court, and U.S. district court. We handle cases ranging from will contests and claims against trustees to a full range of business litigation. We represent our business clients in contract cases, employment law claims, corporate governance problems, and construction disputes. For more information about our ability to meet your estate planning, probate or business needs, either in or out of court, contact us. We are experienced business lawyers.