Not a Resident of Georgia?

Local Counsel for Georgia Trust and Estate Litigation

If your family member passed away in Georgia but you live in another state, Aitkens & Aitkens, P.C. can protect your interests and assist you in Georgia. Our Atlanta law firm has literally represented hundreds of out-of-state clients in probate/estate/trust litigation or in the administration of a loved one’s will or trust. Our estate and trust litigation attorneys represent children, spouses and other claimants living outside of Georgia who have claims against or vested interest in an estate anywhere in Georgia. We also represent clients from southern Georgia and statewide who have a probate matter in the Metro Atlanta area or who inherited property in northern Georgia.

In addition to will contests and trust management disputes, we can represent non-residents who are named executors or appointed administrators in the estate administration of a person who died in Georgia, including their representation in wrongful death lawsuits. In fact, we can represent out-of-state and Georgia clients in a wide range of legal matters, including conservatorship, guardianship, serious personal injury and business transactions.

You Stay There. We Can Handle Things Here.

In most cases, our out-of-state clients never need to travel to Georgia. We have represented people from all over the United States whom we never met face to face. Yet Aitkens & Aitkens commonly receives referrals from those same clients who appreciated our strong local advocacy, diligence, accessibility and regular communication. A Georgia probate court might require your presence to open estate or trust administration if you are the personal representative/executor/administrator/trustee or if your testimony is necessary in litigation. Even then, we can eliminate the necessity of multiple trips or extended stays by handling everything else.