Premises Liability Litigation

Failure to Provide for Safety

Assault or Rape • Disabling Slip and Fall

Georgia law requires businesses and landlords to keep their property and approaches in safe condition for patrons, tenants and the public. The law firm of Aitkens & Aitkens, P.C., has held property owners accountable for damages when poor security or unsafe premises led to injury or death.

We represent injured persons or the estates of those whose deaths were directly caused by a negligent act or condition. Our attorneys bring extensive experience in premises liability lawsuits for serious injury or wrongful death. We have secured verdicts and settlements in cases across Metro Atlanta, northern Georgia and statewide. Call immediately at 877-595-1393 to preserve evidence important to your recovery of damages.

Assaults and Negligent Security

Trial lawyer Terri Aitkens represented a young woman who was brutally stabbed, raped and left for dead in a ravine after she was accosted outside a bar. She suffered permanent injuries to her hands from trying to fight off her attacker, knife wounds to her stomach and ribs, and of course the lasting emotional trauma of a sexual assault.

We reached a substantial settlement, holding the bar responsible for the unlit parking area and lack of outdoor security measures, even though the owners knew of a robbery/assault just one week earlier in the same dark alley and several prior assaults and carjackings in the vicinity.

We have won inadequate security cases against apartment building owners, office buildings, bars and restaurants for failure to provide cameras, guards, fences, security doors or other measures to reasonably protect patrons, tenants and employees.

Falling Injuries from Unsafe Premises

A client severely injured his knee slipping on old, slimy lettuce on the floor of a restaurant. Our investigation revealed that at least one employee saw the hazard, but did not clean it up or report it. We resolved the matter for over $60,000 for the client’s surgeries, rehab and degree of permanent disability, as well as over $100,000 in lost wages because he could not work for many months.

We have sued restaurant chains, grocery stores, retail stores, apartment owners, parking lot owners and other entities for negligent maintenance or construction defects leading to serious or permanent injury.

If you suffered broken bones or permanent injury because of wet floors or foreign substances, tripping hazards, broken stairs or railings, poor lighting or any other dangerous condition, we can determine if you have grounds to sue.

Call Aitkens & Aitkens, P.C. at 877-595-1393 or contact us online to discuss your possible premises liability claim for injury suffered in an assault or owing to dangerous premises.

Not a Resident of Georgia? Our firm has represented out-of-state clients who were seriously injured in the Atlanta area on unsafe premises, or executors/administrators whose loved one died in Georgia.