Wrongful Death & Serious Injury

We Handle the Lawsuit and the Estate

If your family member’s death was caused by negligence or a criminal act, Aitkens & Aitkens, P.C. is well qualified to handle all associated legal matters. Our attorneys practice in wrongful death litigation as well as estate litigation and probate administration. We can bring aggressive legal action against the responsible person or entity, sort out the claims of heirs and help settle the estate as efficiently as possible.

In addition to full-service representation in wrongful death lawsuits, our skilled trial lawyers also represent victims of permanent injury resulting from intentional acts or negligence.

Statewide and Nationwide Representation for Deaths in Georgia

We have litigated death and serious injury cases in Metro Atlanta, northern Georgia and statewide. We serve the injured party or representative of the deceased, and also provide assistance to out-of-state clients who need local counsel to coordinate both the lawsuit and probate matters. Contact us immediately.

Experienced Wrongful Death Attorneys

With 60 years of combined legal experience, Terri and Robert Aitkens have litigated cases across Georgia. Our wrongful death cases have included victims of homicides and criminal negligence as well as victims of negligence in fatal car accidents or catastrophic fall accidents.

Most wrongful death attorneys hire another lawyer to handle the estate-related matters. We handle everything from start to finish, so that you have one point of contact throughout this trying process. We file lawsuits on behalf of parents, spouses or children of the deceased, and counsel the family member who serves as executor or administrator of the estate.

Our background enables us to also handle related estate litigation, such as claims by excluded heirs, and to coordinate distributions to heirs from proceeds of the wrongful death settlement and the rest of the estate.

Serious and Life-Changing Injury

We have also secured damages for permanent or catastrophic injuries caused by negligent parties, with special experience in premises liability lawsuits for injuries from an assault or a serious slip-and-fall accident. Our attorneys pursue the rightful long-term compensation for brain injury, loss of limb, spinal cord injuries (paraplegia/quadriplegia), loss of sight, severe burns or disfigurement and other permanent disabilities.

In death and serious injury cases, we consult with medical professionals and hire experts in many fields to prove liability and determine appropriate damages: medical bills and ongoing care, lost income, pain and suffering of the victim, and loss of companionship, support and services of a loved one who died.

Full-Service Representation

Don’t delay in calling us at 877-595-1393 (toll free) or contacting us online. Evidence must be secured and there are statutes of limitations. The earlier we are involved, the better we can help to maximize damages and the sooner we can wrap up the estate.