Estate & Trust Litigation Attorneys

No matter where you live in the United States, or even abroad, our Atlanta probate litigation attorneys can represent you in a dispute concerning the interpretation of a will, the terms of a trust, or estate tax liability issues involving a Georgia trust or estate. We represent heirs, beneficiaries, executors, personal representatives, and trustees in Georgia trust or estate litigation. For further information about our ability to represent your interests effectively in probate or federal Tax Court litigation, contact the trust litigation attorneys at Aitkens & Aitkens, P.C.

Will Contests Litigation

Our probate lawyers can represent either an heir or the estate in will contest litigation involving the terms of the will, the status of an heir, or the testamentary capacity of the decedent. Our familiarity with state and federal probate and tax law also enables us to help resolve problems concerning the character of particular assets: Were they transferred by gift during life, were they duly transferred into trust, or are they property of the estate to pass by will? We can also represent either an heir or the personal representative in disputes concerning the administration of the estate and any problems relating to breach of fiduciary duty.

Trust Dispute Litigation

Whether you’re a trustee or a beneficiary, our Georgia trust litigation attorneys can represent your interests in a lawsuit concerning the administration of a trust, the sufficiency of an accounting, or title to ostensible trust assets. We represent parties to trust litigation who live out of state as well as local trustees or trust beneficiaries.

Estate Tax Litigation

The attorneys of Aitkens & Aitkens, P.C. represent executors, administrators, trustees, heirs, and beneficiaries in estate tax disputes with the IRS, U.S. Department of Justice, or the Georgia Department of Revenue. We analyze and evaluate the validity of assessments, liens, notices, judgments, foreclosure actions, and garnishments to determine their enforceability under federal or state law. Even when valid, estate tax liabilities can often be mitigated in the course of settlement negotiations by seeking to eliminate or reduce interest and penalties as well as an abatement of the tax.

Guardians and Conservator Representation

Our experience with probate litigation and familiarity with Georgia guardianship law enable us to provide reliable advice and representation in matters concerning the appointment or performance of guardians and conservators to manage the physical care or property of the elderly, the incapacitated, or minors who hold or inherit substantial property in their own name.

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